Monday, January 3, 2011

Republicans signal intentions--but, are they going to be productive?

The Republican Party will be assuming control of the House of Representatives soon, but their early messages from newly appointed committee chairmen indicate stall tactics and wasted time.
There has been word from these committee chairmen that they are going to call all the Democratic Administration Cabinet Officers in to their committees to explain why they spent so much money in the past two years. In my opinion, this is a waste of time. The Republicans only want a stage from which to present their particular views against what the Democrats accomplished--but notice, absolutely nothing will be presented to "correct" what the Democrats have accomplished.
They are going to attempt to repeal the Health Care Bill, that has already been signed,sealed and delivered. They might get a repeal measure through the House, but won't get it through the Senate, remember, the Senate has a Democratic majority, plus they won't get it past President Obama's veto and there are not enough votes to override the President's veto in Congress (there must be 60% in each house to override a Presidential veto).
This is the kind of thinking you must develop if you going to be an EDUCATED CITIZEN. The Republicans are doing the same thing they did with former President Bill Clinton and his impeachment. EVERYONE KNEW THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH VOTES TO CONVICT PRESIDENT CLINTON in the Senate, but the Republicans wanted to put a black mark on President Clinton's presidency, so they proceeded with the impeachment and trial. The Republicans are going to have their hands full with the new Tea Party members that were elected this term. The Tea Party members are upset with everyone, including the Republicans. Look at their pledge to America last year, they listed many items they wanted to do, but did not list one single way to correct the situation, they wanted to call for a meeting of constituents and have them find out how to correct the situation. That is not leadership.
One other small point, President Clinton's presidency gave GWB $282 Billion in surplus. After eight years of Bush, Obama was faced with the largest deficit since the Depression, you might ask, where did all the money go? Hummmm, let's see, contracts being let to "friends" without the bidding process, two questionable wars--off budget--filling the pockets of lobbyist and friends, the list goes on and on. It will be interesting to see how the Republicans jump on Obama's spending. The Republicans are going to open the proverbial can of worms.


  1. My biggest concern with what I'm hearing from the new Speaker of the House is that he is stating that the American people want to have the Health Care Bill repealed and that's definitely not why they were elected. They were elected to create jobs and get the economy going and wasting time and effort on that will not do any good. He keeps saying that is what the American people want, and it's absolutely insulting because I want National Health Care and I want them to fix the economy, doesn't sound like what he's saying. In my opinion.

  2. Very nice. You articulate your points well. Thank you for your comment