Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Educated Citizens are not just informed, but are changed.

We have discussed many issues lately.  Notice, they all seem to force you to make a decision.  In doing so you are not only informed about what you covered, but you have changed your point of view. 
Hopefully, you have helped your frame of reference shore up that area so you may be able to talk about, make intelligent decisions that you can stand for, and help change your world for the better.

This all sounds very easy, however, if you have been attempting it, you realize you need too go through several thought processes before you accept a decision that sticks to your frame of reference.  It is a time consuming process that needs plenty of attention before you may feel comfortable with your frame of reference.  In that process you are changing, for the better.

To do this with strength, you must have the ability to integrate and apply knowledge from one discipline to help learn another.  You need the appreciation of the challenge that exists in truly mastering a subject matter.  It is somewhat like "building blocks", or laying a good foundation under constructing a brick house.  Once you have build the foundation, your "house" (frame of reference) will provide you with the knowledge to make strong, sound decisions.