Saturday, February 12, 2011

Victory does not have to include violence!

Victory, victory, victory!!!  The Egyptian population, led by youth and technology led a non-violent revolution to oust their leader of nearly three decades.  This revolution is setting the example for the Arab world.  It can be done without weapons!! Congratulations to all the people who participated in the win and the clean-up.  Did you see everyone cleaning up after themselves?  EVERYONE pitched in!!  Yahoo!!!!
Now the hard work begins.  With the assistance of the military, the civilian population can now start the very difficult job of organizing political parties, having committees seek out what needs changing within the government/Constitution, organizing fund raising, seeking people to run for office, ensuring safety for all concerned, GETTING THE ECONOMY BACK ON IT'S FEET, putting many of the unemployed college educated people into jobs where they can use their learning as an asset and help get the country back on it's feet.  The effort before them is daunting, it will take every fibre of strength within their bodies to make this all work.  But, if they can make a revolution go off as well as they did this one, WORKING TOGETHER IS ALREADY A GIVEN!!