Monday, August 27, 2012

You as a citizen of your country are able to vote.  But, you have many things to think about and make decisions.  Hopefully, you will not keep all these items in your head, but you will make a list about the items within the election, such as the items in my last blog.  Please make notes next to those items you feel strongest about.
Of course, there are special items that you know about, i.e. abortion.  How much weight do you place on those items?  An item like abortion may carry a large percentage of weight in your selection, anything over 50% means that you have slipped into a “polarizing” issue.   An issue that places so much weight in your selection that whatever else the candidate supports you will or will not support him/her.  For you, your decision is made.  It is the easy way to vote. 
An election is full of issues that deserve full attention.   Voting for something that is a polarizing issue should be your last consideration before voting.   Take a look at those items that you have made notes next too.   You might want to establish a “weight system based on 100%” and place a percentage next to the items you feel strongest about.   Start to make out cards, or notes next to those items and see how strong the contenders match up.
Starting down the list of “contenders” you will quickly see that you do not have the knowledge you would like to contain in your brain to make a decision that you could live with.  Does it have enough strength for you to support one specific candidate?  Perhaps if you had been following the election closely, you could have received the necessary information.  Now, you are going to have to go several resources for answers. The best of the batch include; The Christian Science Monitor,                            , , , , www.foxnews,com , ,,,, , , ,   .  Your local newspapers are available on the web system and can easily find articles that would answer questions.
These sources could provide you with answers to the questions you desire.  Next election perhaps you could come up with your own system which might include:  taking the local newspaper (cutting out articles) keeping the articles in your own system be it a file system or binder.  Reading the articles and keeping them to help you in discussions throughout the election will further strengthen your vote.
Usually the county where you vote will send your ballot sheet that has everything in the election.  No, this is not for you to vote on and hand in, but it is for you to make semi-final decisions.  Select those candidates that you have decided deserve your vote, place an X next to their name.  Do the same thing with all the propositions.  After finishing, go over the entire ballot and see if you have made your final decisions.  Once that is completed, take the sample ballot INTO  where you vote—into the actual booth, so you can fill out the actual ballot the same way you did on the—that takes all the anxiety and pressure off of making errors on the ballot.
The ballot booth and ballot itself.    The booth is supposed to be private.  A pull sheet is provided for that purpose.  The ballot procedure is different everywhere.  Make sure you have familiarized yourself with that procedure.  This simple item was the basis of the Supreme Court case that cost Al Gore the Presidency to George W. Bush in the state of Florida.  Please be careful about getting to the balloting place before it closes.  As long as you are in line, they must allow you to vote.  Also, watch out for signs that direct people away from balloting locations.  This is a trick played on voters by one of the political parties to lower the vote count because people didn’t get to the ballot station in time.  Again, in the State of Florida.   A last word of advice.  If you have to work, get to the ballot location in the early morning—before you get to work, there are less people, lines are shorter.  The State of Oregon has done one thing better—they are an all absentee ballot state.  All ballots are mailed into the County to be counted.  I hope you feel confident in your selections and you help in electing a solid ballot that will correct our ship of state.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Partial list of discussion-Pres.Election

Howdy.  I have had problems with my hook-up with google, but I have it corrected now.
Well, the Presidential Campaign has moved right along.  Currently, the Republicans are represented by Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential Candidate.
The Democrats appear to be keeping the same two representatives, Barack Obama as Presidential Candidate and  Joe Bidden as Vice Presidential Candidate
The main issues:
1. The economy--8.2 unemployment rate (supposedly no president has ever been elected with an unemployment rate above 8.0--
2.  Health Care--Medicare--Obama Care.
3.  Democrats want to gain control of Congress.
4.  Republicans want to lower taxes for the 1%, raise taxes on the 99%.
5.  Less money for defense--no more wars--more funds for transportation and highways.
6.  Regulate Wall Street so they will not fail again.
7.  Correct the Immigration problems.
8.  Wealth needs to spread around to include the middle-class.
9.  Legislation to keep American jobs in America.  Bring back "outsourced" jobs.  Stop legislation that gives 
     corporations incentives to move out of the USA.
10.Have a free market that is not a free license to take whatever you can from whomever you can.  The Free
     market only works when there are rules of the road that ensure competition is fair, open and honest.  It
     should not include monopolies, but have those companies compete for consumers with better services
     and better prices.  Make sure businesses couldn't profit by exploiting children or selling food or medicines
     that isn't safe. (Obama speech Dec 6, 2011)

11.  Maintain the status of Social Security.
12.  Help Congress convene a Constitutional Convention.  Similar to what Congress did when they changed
       from the Articles of Confederation to the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  It is necessary to
       have 34 State Legislatures call for a Constitutional Convention, there are 32 states that have already
       voted to call for the convention.  It only takes 2 more states.  Arizona had agreed earlier, however,
       pulled out, perhaps they could be convinced to vote for the call.  Oh, yes, there is one major problem.
       Most of Congress is afraid that once called the states will also call for a renewed, updated Constitution,
       i.e. balanced budget, eliminate Article I restriction to coinage of real money, or even eliminate gun or
      property rights, reduction of existing liberties,  change the existing 50 states to 11 Republics (Santa 
      Barbara Group), justice system could have the ability to legally ignore the Constitution--to modify its

Partial list, page 2--Pres Campaign

modify "problematic " provisions to reflect the philosophical and social mores of our contemporary society.
    13.  Delegates could revise the 1st Amendment into a government controlled privilege, replace the 2nd
            Amendment with a "collective" right to self-defense, and abolish the 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments
            and the rest of the Bill of Rights.  Additions could include the non-existent Separation of Church
            and "right" to abortion and euthanasia and much more.
     14.  Individual rights would be replaced by "collective" rights, awarded and enforced by government
            for the "common" good.
     15.  The above are only suggestions letting you see why most people don't want a new Constitutional
            Convention  ( for constitutional convention)
     16.  Somehow get the climate under control SOON.  Can you imagine the movement from warm
            climates -We need to listen to our scientists, look at reality (Iceland--The North Pole ice)  What
            about the water level, pretty soon Arizona will be beachfront property.
     17.  Stop obstructionist tactics in Congress.  Congressmen need to work for their constituents.
     18.  Amend the Constitution to resend Citizen's United.
     19.   Amend the Constitution to stop hypocrisy.  All use of funds must be reported by Congressmen, all
           loopholes in taxation removed.  Business CEO's may not receive more money for compensation than
           eight times a normal worker's salary.  Have a Congressional committee with the power to remove
           Congressmen for being arrested for a felony, no long process.(Common Dreams articles)
     20.  Federally elected officials may not sign a "Pledge" of any kind that would deture doing the work
            for the Common Good of the people.