Friday, October 29, 2010

Put it all together--NOW

In the United States of America, November 2, 2010, elections are going to take place for elected positions. This election has had more advertising dollars spent than any other election year. That is the result of the recent 5-4 decision in the Supreme Court in the Citizen United case, allowing corporations the privilege of the 1st Amendment, of free speech by being able to spend money on political candidates with unlimited funds and anonymity. The political right has used this new twist very heavily.
If you have been following this blog and using the tips to prepare for your vote, you should be ready with your decisions on the candidates and various other ballot votes.  Please remember to take the practice ballot and fill it out with your decisions, so it will not be a fearful event, but a triumphal event.  You will have looked at the candidates and issues over a period of time and made reasoned decisions.  If your candidates or issues don't all win, at least you know why you voted the way you did and can feel good about it.  Next time, you might have to work a little harder trying to get others to support your candidate and issues.  A small tip:  voting absentee ballot is becoming more attractive to voters.  They can sit down at a table at home figure everything out, place their responses on he actual ballot and mail it to the County Recorder.  The entire state of Oregon now only uses the mail-in ballot.  Good Luck.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Readers read Blog worldwide

This blog was intended for United States citizens, however, a check of who is reading the blog shows, yes, the majority of the people are from the United States, however nine other countries have been reading the content. People in the following countries are reading the content of this blog: Netherlands, Germany, China, Canada, Latvia, France, Moldova, Russia and Brazil.
It is good to see people in other countries desire to find out what it takes to be an educated citizen.
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