Friday, January 14, 2011

Tucson Tragedy demands gun control

Common is a wonderful addition to the internet.  One of the latest articles is from Harvey Wasserman, Jan 13, 2011 "The Second Amendment Demands Gun Control."  Mr. Wasserman is senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information Resource Service, and writes regularly for
The Second Amendment supports the control of guns--not slaughter that compromises our security.
The debate that has occurred during the past few months from Sarah Palin and her "crosshairs" on certain "districts" and the Foxnews opinionists is long overdue.  Perhaps a suggestion that may help both sides of the debate.
Here is what the Second Amndment actually says:
     "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,
       the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

According to Mr. Wasserman:  "...the right to bear arms is granted only in the context of a well-regulate militia and thus the security of a free state."
"A National Guard, yes.  Heavily-armed lunatics roaming the streets unregulated?  Never."

There is a country where all males between the ages of 18 and 65 belong to the "Militia". The largest national celebration is the "National Turkey Shoot", where the nation finds out who is the best shot.  To accomplish this Turkey Shoot, all males are issued the latest rifle, army uniforms, helmet, etc.  the militia meets periodically in there own "locale" plus serve a "tour of duty, usually two weeks during the summer--there are no exceptions, when your tour of duty comes up, you must go.  As a militia member you are expected
to know all about your military, including gun safety.  The country is the best defended, best equiped military in the world.  Airplanes are hidden in small hamlets and use streets to take-off and land, artillery positions are within false-fronted mountains, supplies are within false-side walls, all roads and bridges are tank-trapped and have hidden explosive charges that can be exploded from a central command post, the entire population takes part in assisting, and the government has planned for the protection of the population.
In all major cities, there are underground shelters fully stocked with rations, beds, hospitals, sanitation,water, you name it, for the entire city population. 
This nation has a proud heritage in their military.  At one time, their troops were the highest paid mercenaries, because they always won battles.  Currently, their troops are still paid warriors, Paid by the Vatican.  Yes, those young men standing guard in the black and orange pantaloons with a pike for protection(a long stick with a metal point).  These positions are passed from father to son.  Their heritage is Swiss.
Yes, Switzerland is the country referenced here.  They protect there country so well, that when Hitler was looking to move into France in WWII, he had two choices, one was Switzerland, the other was Belgium.  He knew he would never make it through Switzerland because of their preparation, so he chose the other route.  Switzerland is known for it's neutrality, banks, wonderful food, and nice people.
Perhaps, our government could glean some of what the Swiss do and apply it to our 2nd amendment situation.  It would take plenty of work, however, it would take care of our "gun situation" and it would take care of our "men" situation.  All men between the ages of 18-65 would be in the militia.  We could still have a voluntary army such as we currently have, however, the only way you could get into the "voluntary army" would be to have served in the militia and obtained skills that could be used in the "voluntary army".   If you let your imagination run away with yourself, this would eliminate many problems.  For example: Young men would not be allowed to go to college without serving say, 18 months after they graduate from high school in the militia, then they could go to college, say with money from still serving in the militia, or scholarships from the militia for being the best rifleman, the best mechanic, etc. 
Problem youths would be eliminated.  The militia would establish military discipline and the young people would come into the college world invigorated and excited to accomplish their next level.  Oh, you say, no one does that to their youth.  Germany does.  German 18 year-olds are required to do just as I have described above.  Except for those 18 year-olds that have passed the Arbeitur.  That is the exam all German youth's must take to graduate from Gymnasium, or high school.  Those student's have their entire college education paid for by the state. Real incentive to achieve!!
All students would have the opportunity to attend college.  Rich alumni's children would not be the only ones attending college's.   I think you see where this could continue.  You don't have to believe what I have written.  I have placed a link for your viewing about the Swiss Army and it's preparation.
The Swiss have the luxury of being able to trust their government and the government has the luxury of being able to trust their people.

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