Monday, June 14, 2010


14. Be flexible in order to adapt to changing economic and social conditions, new workforce needs and the demands of a multicultural society.
Being flexible is a person who is capable of taking their frame of reference and bending their data to new changes, without bending his/her basic standards.
Being flexible needs to be a portion of every educated citizen's make-up. The world has certain standards that many people have followed for years, however as new data emerges, change needs to be made. An educated citizen needs to investigate those potential changes, and see if those changes can influence a change in his/her frame of reference. Once done, how does he/she make adjustment with new legislation, new representation, or healthy living. Learning that drinking cold water after dinner is not good for digestion, do you check it out and change behavior or not?
New workforce: an educated citizen realizes that change is what he/she has been taught, so someone who has been taught to do something one way, can learn to change their workplace activities to the new style. All these changes need to fit into a new society that is changing all the time.
New identities to be recognized: new ideals to be fit into the society, new products to make life easier, all within a culture that grows ever larger, diverse and fluid. Considering all these items, and more, need to be within and educated citizen's frame of reference as he makes the selections on the ballot.


  1. As I've gotten older hopefully I've become a bit more wise. Part of that does involve being flexible, being open-minded, being willing to learn new things and change if need be. Nice post!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Wouldn't the world be a bit nicer if everyone had an open mind?

  3. This is a great blog. Being flexible has been a huge part of my life recently because of the work ethic of the people in my company. The culture is much different compared to what I'm used to so I'm having to adjust on a daily basis. The people who aren't flexible seem to get lost in the dust, however, because without it, your just standing still and not moving forward, in my opinion.