Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be able to think critically, creatively, and independently

13. Be to think critically, creatively and independently.
As an educated citizen you should be following the various events within our world. As you look at individual political items, you need to look at them, first with a critical eye. Does the item make logical sense or does it send a message that someone is trying to make political gain with your backing. If you back a proposition, or candidate, do you do it with a well-thought-out reason, not just because the party says you should back it? Do you back a person after searching his background, searching his thoughts about the issues--do they fit with yours--if not where don't they, could they be fixed, how--questions, questions? When doing this, try to do it 1)with an open mind, 2)don't be mizzeled into a scam, 3) do you feel good about supporting the issue/person?
Do you use creativity in your search for support? Could you help in the candidate's campaign with a certain skill/knowledge that would support him/her or issue? Could you look at the issue/candidate and the campaign and see how if a few things were changed it would help? Using the brain god gave you and the items you have stored in there to help the Greater Good is what is necessary.
Do you use independent thought in your assessment of your goal? Or, are you a follower, a person who follows what others have already created? Independence in your thinking is something you need to attempt to acheive as an adult. Can you stand before a group that is doing something wrong and say No, I stand for that which is right. That is what courage is all about. America needs people that will stand up for her in times of need , in times of planning the future, in equality of all citizens, in showing examples of what is right in the face of what is wrong. Of course, the next item is how do you turn that group from wrong to right?

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