Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama considers Afganistan strategy

President Obama is considering his stategy for Afganistan. Since the retake of the Presidential election resulted in one of the two participants backing out, the country does not appear to have a stable government.
President Obama is correct in taking his time considering whether to move more troops into this country, or start the process of moving out.
Iraq, is different. It has a stable government, that is working towards helping its' citizenry. We have helped to settle down the war-like elements so the Iraqi troops can take over. That option does not appear available in Afganistan.
In the past few weeks, pundits and supporters, have indicated an area that seems to be overlooked. Where is the vital interest in Afganistan? It is very close to anarchy, terrorist filled, and its only major crop is opium poppies, that supply most of the world with heroin, their civilization is still living in the 13th century and it is a theocratic minded state. Where is the value for the United States in becoming involved with this "nation".
Do you have any solutions, comments?


  1. I think that moving into Afganistan is a huge mistake. With all of the things that are going on in our country I think that we need to focus on getting us back into order before we can think of getting other countries into order. That country does nothing for us, if we totally got rid of all of the Terrorists there, more would pop up eventually. It's like trying to get rid of Ants at your house. You can attack the main hill or area's that the ants are, but they will still find some way to come back and will never go away.

  2. Your comment is right on target. Afganistan is neither a core interest (something to do with nuclear attack) or vital interest (something to do with economic or military threat). Your analogy of the ants is exactly what it is. Some of the ants have stingers, so what! It appears that President Obama is going to send another 30,000 + troops over. It will take them 6months to a year to get there and the same to come out, plus the 40,000+ that are already there. You are also right about our own country--we have too many problems here to be spending money(we don't really have)on a country that has been the same way for centuries and does not desire to change. We are throwing our money to the wind.

  3. Yes, and I think that is what the most frustrating part is. We have so much going on here that we shouldn't even consider doing something outside of our country. That's just my opinion. We could funnel that money into our nation and make the infrastructure better.