Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama, after only 9 months in office, becomes only the third sitting President to win the prestigeous international award. He was shocked, and unaware that he had even been nominated. The Nobel Committee does not release reasons for the award for fifty years, but the feeling world-wide was because he offered the best chance at peace in the world. His foreign policy trips to other countries seemed to have turned heads.
Another news flash, it appears that the Health Care Reform Plan will be passed and signed before the turn of the new year. The Democrats have given every opportunity to allow the Republicans to help form the plan, however, their best efforts have been directed towards stopping the plan, scare tactics, shout-down tactics towards elected officials trying to gather their constituents input for the plan. The President has decided to move forward and have his majorities in the Congress speak for the 70% popular vote that elected him to get this plan passed and implemented.
War news. It appears that Mr. Obama's view on the Afganistan "war" is perhaps what should have been the first take on any war movement after 9/11. There is talk that our efforts are not going to be directed towards the Taliban, but towards Alquida. The Taliban is a local Afganistan problem, whereas the other group appears to only have approximately 100 members in country. It doesn't look like a complete pull-out, however, our money, time and people can be better directed to our homefront.

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