Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That's why we are the trouble we are in

Yesterday President Obama, realizing there was uneasiness with Republican Representatives over the stimulus package. So, The President of the United States, head of the Executive Branch came to the House of Representatives for a sit down conversation with the Republicans in the House. I made mention in my last blog how neat an idea I thought that was!
Well, today's vote, which passed with 188 nay votes, ALL THE REPUBLICAN Representatives and 11 Democrats voting against the measure. So much for attempting to work together. It shows the collusion within the GOP that has kept the legislative branch at checkmate for the past eight years, except for what they want to pass. In this particular case, President Obama already had the votes, he just wanted a BIPARTISAN vote indicating a joint effort to get the country back on its feet. Instead it shows the real inside of the Republican soul. They want everything for them, nothing for the rest of the country. Well, they better take a second look at this position, the people have already spoken about what they think of what the Republican party has already done to the country, President Obama was trying to allow them to be "Man" enough to dig in and help.


  1. I agree, the problem with the Republican party is that they don't want to listen to any other side but their's and if you don't agree then they spew this hatred in the media and create a scared and stupid vibe throughout the country which is exactly what we don't need.

    The thing that they don't understand is that for 4 years they need to learn their role and that is if they continue to not want to listen and evaluate other stances then they'll just keep passing the things that they don't want because the Democrats have the majority in both the sentate and the house. So they can either jump on the train as it's leaving the tracks and change their ways or they can be left at the station waiting for the Palin train to come in. Unfortunately for them, if that's their saviour they are in DEEEEEEP trouble.

    Obama has done so much in only 9 days, I can't wait to see what he does in the future. He's been handed over the biggest mess in the history of the US and he's working hard to fix it. I think that he can and will it's just going to take time. The Republican's need to be more open to change then they are or their party is going to die if it already hasn't.

  2. Very nice comments. You hit the nail right on the head. TFP