Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama really means what he says

This week, President Obama means what he says. Calling a meeting of Republicans in the House and in Senate with him proves he wants to have his programs on a bi-partisan basis. The Republicans were given something special, a face to face with the President, the head of the Executive Branch, seeking their input on his proposed legislation to help American climb out of the hole we are in. I would venture to say that this will not be the last time this occurs. What a great idea.

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  1. Speaking of this I thought that you might enjoy the Bi-partisan announcement from Rush Limbaugh. It's amazing to me how this man thinks that he knows everything that will work for our Country. He has the gall to criticize people when he has broken so many laws and is a degenerate.

    I think what President Obama is doing is throwing off a lot of American's because he's actually sitting down with people and wanting to hear their side but is also telling his side and letting them know that they need to listen to him as well instead of just only going with their side. I'm sure that he's going to change on some stances as well if they have merit.

    Read this article from Limbaugh. Enjoy!