Sunday, January 22, 2012

Only One Side?

Are you only reading, watching, listening to one side of an issue? All people like to feel comfortable with the views they receive. They tend to only read the newspapers, magazines, and/or blogs they have chosen according to their political beliefs. They tend to watch only those news programs that also feel comfortable, for instance, liberals watch MSNBC, or CNN, Conservatives watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio.
Do you realize you are only getting what you are comfortable with? You are not allowing new thoughts into your frame of reference to challenge your comfortable thoughts. Perhaps a challenge would change, or at least, strengthen your existing beliefs.
Instead of reading a local conservative newspaper, once in a while, say once a week, read a liberal paper. See what the other side is saying! Are you only watching liberal MSNBC for your news, switch over to Fox News to see what their point of view represents. If you listen/watch Rush Limbaugh, switch over to Rachel Maddow and listen to how the liberal see the same issue.
If you open your frame of reference to other opinions and beliefs you will solidify your discussions with others about the issues. Perhaps you never looked at the issue as the other party before.
When you go into the voting booth to cast your ballot, you want to feel comfortable with your decision.

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