Saturday, December 3, 2011


Educated Citizenry is being read world-wide.  The activity "Arab Spring" has spiked interest in other countries who have similar feelings.
The following countries are reading this blog: Russia, USA, U.K., Germany, France, Georgia, Australia, Canada, Romania, Hungry, Poland, Netherlands, Iran, Ukraine, and Latvia.  You might ask; can everyone read English?  There is no need.  The computer translates to the language the reader uses in his country.  One thing I need to mention.  The computer does the translation in reverse also.  If you want to write a comment in the space provided beneath the blog, go ahead, write in your native tongue and I will receive it in English.  Comments are very important, questions stimulate conversation..
A follower.  Please become a follower.  Place your photo in the space provided so we can get acquainted.
Democracy and a democratic-republic may be strange to you perhaps I can answer your questions.
Ed Cit

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