Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Factcheck , your source for the truth

Do you ever wonder if what a politician is saying in is speech, or in his proposed legislation is truth or fiction?  Well, the Annenberg Foundation has provided the answer.
http://www.annenbergfoundation.org  The Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) was established in 1993.”  Its’ main purpose sought to increase the impact of the scholarship produced at Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication. “By conducting and releasing research, staging conferences and hosting policy discussions, its scholars have addressed the role of communication in politics, and other major fields.”  The discussion  always meet the high road of neutrality and have searched out the main facts that are true to the issues discussed.
If you want to know if your candidate is speaking the truth, go to http://www.factcheck.org/ the next day and find out what the Annenberg people have to say.
Remember, your job as an educated citizen is to seek out the truth about what is happening in politics and add it to your frame of reference.

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