Monday, March 22, 2010

Congratulations President Obama for shepherding Health Care through the system

Congratulations to President Obama for perservering and leading the Health Care Reform Act through the trials and tribulations of the bill passing process.
Further congratulations should also go to the Leadership of Majority party in both houses of Congress for twisting enough arms and making things happen to insure a positive outcome.
But, perhaps the largest CONGRATULATIONS should be handed out to the educated citizenry of America. Your written, vocal and organizational skills supplied the pressure on Congress to realized YOU wanted this legislation passed. Congressmen started to realize they would be history in the next election if this bill was not passed and that message was backed up by your constant pressure.
The minority party in Congress is not looking at a very bright future. Their constant bickering, not really having worthwhile suggestions and their political disingenious discussions and statements.
Let us hope this "victory" will translate into good things for America.


  1. Congratulations is, indeed, in order for the President and the rest of his peers. This was a great victory for the American people.

  2. Very nice comment. He didn't give up did he?

  3. No, and in fact, I believe that his example of tenacity is exactly what America needs to see again. I think that we have lost that ability to push ourselves to the limits on the important things. The President has shown that with great commitment, triumph is achieved!