Sunday, January 24, 2010

What are voters to think?

Massachusetts voters have changed the scene of American politics with this last special election. It brings out what voters are thinking.
1. Government is becoming to intrusive.
2. Perhaps Health Care should be the responsibility of the states, as Massachusetts already has it. They cover 98% of their state already, why take on another burden?
3. They are upset at the constant spending, trying to right several sinking ships, perhaps it would be better to allow them to sink.
4. The identities of political parties are becoming fuzzy. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are all looking alike.
5. Can you honestly believe Coakley. She was an arrogant JOKE.
6. Perhaps the Administration should pare down their agendas to less items, mainly the most important ones. You know, little things--LIKE JOBS,people do like to eat in a warm home. Remember, FDR within 100 days of his first election came up with the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and had 250,000 young men out in the forests WORKING. What is Obama going to do?

Next subject: Haiti's Earthquake

America and other nations have come to the rescue. They are pouring money, services, medical aid, rescue crews, security, aircraft carrier, helicopters, you name it. The American government has spoken up with $100 million in aide, and the American people have donated over $57million in the recent tele-thon, and $35million via a new device--dial a specific number on your cell phone and $10 will be donated (don't you think that won't be used this fall in the coming elections).
What is going through American voters minds who have been out of work sometimes up to one year, had their homes foreclosed on, may even be homeless, as they watch all this money and effort put into a sovereign nation who is so poor that they have no funds, no infrastructure, working government, you name it, they don't have it, yet everyone is pouring assistance into this country. They seem to project a feeling of entitlement--that America, especially, and all others OWE them all this aid. Yes, citizens of the world have generous hearts, but what of our own people?
Questions that come up? Why are we in at least two wars, spending approximately $1 Billion a week, why are earmarks still being used on legislation when belt tightening tactics should be in effect? Why are people in Wall Street and banking giving BILLIONS in BONUSES when they should not be allowed by SOMEONE to do that. Do I remember a promise by then candidate Obama that he was going to get us out of Afghanistan's--humm, 30,000 more troops are being sent to Afghanistan?????? Something is definitely wrong. It needs to be fixed--but, unfortunately we are not getting any support from the Supreme Court!!!!!!

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