Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is our direction?

With the way things are progressing in our world, one wonders which direction America is headed.
1. The American people elected a President by a 70% popular vote TO GET THINGS DONE.
2. The American people elected a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress to insure important matters made it through Congress, and the President and into law.
3. The American people did this because eight years of Republican leadership has lead the country almost to bankruptcy, surely very deep into a recession, and Wall Street collapse.
Of course, there are plenty of other matters that needed to be corrected, however, that is enough to discuss correction.
1. Our President has made good and bad decisions in his first year. He has laid out a very impressive plan to be accomplished in his first year. Unfortunately, many of his plans are about to slip through his hands, i.e. Health Care Reform. Even his own Democratic party cannot deliver

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